There are many, many books on astronomy and telescopes but very, very few on antique telescopes. Following is a list of the most interesting and informative. These are not the usual "coffee-table" books that you will find plenty of, but a few volumes that are really worth reading, not only for their scholarly approach but also for sheer enjoyment. At least one of them, Longitude, was not only a national best seller, but is a real "page turner."

Telescope History

History of Astronomy

My trilogy traces the first astronomical records of a solar flare in 1100 BC as recorded on ancient tablets (The Colors of Fire), and follows the trail of the tablets as they reappear during the crusades (Of Princes and Kings) and again during modern times (Flare). "A compelling combination of fictional narrative and scholarship, Brown combines his knowledge of ancient peoples with historic battles in a fast-paced , believable story of love, magic, fire, and war." -Modern Times.

Colors of Fire

Of Princes and Kings


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