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NEW! The Dutch Transit of Venus Expedition
of 1874

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This website looks at: Antique telescopes, a history of the telescope, historical telescopes, antique scientific instruments, the refractor vs the reflector telescope, spyglass, pirate telescope, telescope history, history of astronomy, astronomy before the telescope, Captain Cook's telescopes and the transit of Venus, and many more photographs of old instruments.

Rather than show all the well-known historical instruments in important museums and obseratories (since these photos are readily available elsewhere), I prefer to show little-known astronomical instruments that are nonetheless typical of their time.

I make no claims for completeness. This site is intended as an overview of historical astronomical instruments. As more material is added, the site will naturally become more comprehensive.

Interested viewers may also want to see my website Homemade Astronomy where I feature homemade eyepieces as well as telescopes.